A Sampling of the Cars in the Late Sixties

The Latter Half of the Sixties

The last half of the 1960s in rear-engine dragster design saw an extension of work in chassis and streamlining. These photos show a sampling of some of those cars.

Robert Lindwall/Re-Entry


Streamlined Chrysler Hemi-engined dragster. 201.34 mph top speed. Destroyed in crash at 1966 U.S. Nationals

El Tigre/Shadoff Special


Running from 1953 through the early 1960s on the Bonneville Salt Flats, the streamliner was repurposed in 1966 as a mid-engined dragster by Ted Worobieff with Don Rackemann as driver.



A small-production sports car built by AMT, headquartered in Phoenix. One car was fitted out with a 392-inch blown Chrysler. Driven and campaigned briefly by Walt Stevens. Best speeds were in the mid-180s range.

Triple Trouble


Tampa, Florida. Built and driven by Tommy Stringfield. One engine in front and two engines in the back seat: three engines total! He barnstormed it as a wheelstander..

Huzoil Special


California. 1927 Model T modified roadster with 354 Chrysler Hemi motor. Originally owned by Holly Hedrick

Joe Todd


Louisville, Kentucky. Twin rear-engine dragster.

Li'l Ol Whine Maker


Phoenix, Arizona. 1968 fiberglass Chrysler-engined Cougar driven by Ed Pauling. 180 mph top speed

Smokers Toy


Battle Creek, Michigan. Top fuel dragster owned and driven by Dan Richards. Fred Yeager built the chassis. 427 Chevy (1968-70) and Keith Black Hemi (1971-73).

Pat Foster


California. First rear-engined Woody car. Crashed during testing at Lions Drag Strip in December 1969

Kent Fuller Sidewinder III


Built for Hopkins, Thornhill & Finicle, this BB/GD ran a blown 350-inch Chevy.

Holy Toledo/Mid-Winder


California. Brian Chuchua, a Jeep dealer, owned a radical rear-engined, chain-driven sidewinder powered by a blown Chrysler hemi engine. Ed Lenarth was scheduled to be the driver, but during testing, Bob Hightower crashed the car at Lions. It was scheduled to have an AMC Gremlin body.

Essman & Sandoval


Burbank, California. Top fuel dragster. Gary Essman did the driving and Frank Sandoval built the dragster and the 392 Chrysler engine.

Speed Sport III

late 1960s

Tucson, Arizona. Modified roadster built by Lyle Fisher and Red Greth. Unable to compete with the fuel dragsters, this third edition of the Speed Sport line of roadster only ran for six-eight months before being retired. After its retirement, Lyle Fisher lengthened the chassis and converted it into a highly successful sand dragster. About 203 mph known top speed. Photos courtesy of Ted Sitterley




T's Tease


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Top fuel dragster owned and driven by Bob Tortorete.

Dan Widner-Kaiser Bros.


Lakewood, Colorado. Top fuel dragster, driven by Tom Kaiser using a Mark Williams chassis and Chrysler Hemi. 249 inch wheelbase. 211 mph top speed.

Torque Pawnbroker


Lincoln Park, Michigan. Top fuel dragster owned and driven by Dwane Ong. 426 Chrysler Hemi in Woody Gilmore chassis. Won the AHRA Summernationals in 1970. Best time was 6.63 at 224 mph.

Art Malone's Sidewinder


Tampa, Florida. $70,000 and two years in construction. 426 Hemi. Used for testing, but unsuccessful in competition.